2017 Confluence Charter Schools Annual Performance Report

Confluence Charter Schools made progress in academic achievement in the 2016-2017 school year, according to Annual Performance Report figures released today by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).  This year’s reporting is in line with performance gains achieved by Confluence Charter Schools students each year since 2014.


Confluence Charter Schools operates two separate Local Education Agencies (LEAs), and since DESE reports annual performance for each LEA, Confluence has two reports. The Confluence Charter Schools LEA represents the figures for Aspire Academy, Confluence Academy—Old North, Confluence Academy—South City, Elite Academy and Confluence Preparatory Academy. The current reporting shows that performance at these schools improved by nine percent, from 54 percent of total performance points in 2016 to 63 percent in 2017. Annual performance increases at these schools has followed a steady upward trend since 2014, with annual increases between nine and 11 percent, earning twice as many Annual Performance Report points this year compared to 2014.


These gains are not by happenstance. They are the result of systematic, foundational improvements which are reflected in the current Confluence strategic plan.  In addition to these central improvements, we have conducted technology and safety audits, increased the number of advanced placement courses, and increased attendance through efforts to drive parental involvement. All these things nourish success in the classroom. That said, as encouraging as this sustained progress is, we still have more work to do to ensure that these figures continue to rise and meet our expectations.


The second Confluence LEA represents the figures for Grand Center Arts Academy (GCAA). GCAA remains the network’s highest-performing school with a 2017 score of 75 percent of total performance points. This number is comparable to the 77 percent score achieved in 2016. Although GCAA remains a high-performer, we are not resting on our laurels and have taken a number of steps to improve performance for all students in the school. GCAA has begun offering ACT preparation after school, added an on-site social worker to the staff and other additional resources to support GCAA students.  In addition, we have recently begun to adjust curriculum and teaching methods to better meet the needs of the current student body, and we have begun providing some Metro transit transportation support since we know that a lack of transportation options can affect attendance and therefore student performance.  Finally, we have been talking with our GCAA sponsor, Saint Louis University, about their support for students and families.  GCAA has a unique culture and dedicated faculty, and we know it can continue to succeed in a financially stable environment.


All our efforts will continue to be aimed at the success of our students, families and communities and so we look forward to even stronger performance results in 2018. We will keep our Confluence community informed on our ongoing improvement efforts.



For more details, please read the attached memo.


Thank you for your hard work in helping our students grow and achieve.