Entering the Airspace


Step into the CPA atrium and you might find teams of students working together to pilot drones through obstacle courses as they learn about flight plans, airspace safety regulations, and navigation. This is part of a new series of Drones courses that started after students visited St. Louis University’s Aerospace Engineering department last summer and were eager to learn about this industry-changing technology. 


Carolyn Barnes, who usually teaches math at CPA, picked up on this spark of excitement and developed a 3-course series for students from learning basic drone operations to becoming industry-ready certified drone pilots through the FAA. “I strongly believe students benefit from getting involved in programs so they feel a sense of belonging at school, she said. “Few things have a more positive impact on students' success in school that that feeling of belonging.” 


Drone usage is becoming increasingly popular across a wide spectrum of industries from engineering to agriculture to filmmaking. Understanding how drones can be used and how to operate them prepares CPA students for future careers while also giving them hands on opportunities to develop technical skills, problem solve and exercise critical thinking.